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Entropy is an exciting space MMO that lets you play the game however you want to in a huge universe that you can affect. A strong emphasis is on freeform gameplay and exciting, large-scale space battles that will test your piloting skills.


Entropy gives you a lot of things to keep you occupied in this huge galaxy, from things like hunting and trading to mining and salvaging anything you can find.
The combat will test your skills as a pilot, so prepare to engage in action-packed dogfights with other players in a huge, hectic space battle.
But, you don't have to fight if you want to. You can also become a master trader by keeping track of what's wanted where. Learn how to use the market to your advantage, transport gods, find ancient relics and sell them for good money, become a true merchant.


You can customize your skills and ship models however you want to. With offensive, defensive, and passive abilities that can be customized at your disposal you can make your own playstyle and approach to combat.
There are 120 star systems that are waiting for you to explore them. Use the System map to hunt for mining fields, ancient relics, and other players that might be carrying something that could be valuable to you.
Entropy gives you a lot of options in terms of gameplay, so if you're looking for an open-universe space MMORPG, try out Entropy.

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