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World of Warcraft’s Looking for Raid system is a great way to get gear, do high-end content with other players, and have a fun time without needing to join a hardcore guild, work your way into existing raids, and deal with things like TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. But it does have some aspects that are vastly different from normal raids, as well as how the players, as a whole, act. Managing your expectations is paramount; not doing so can leave you annoyed.


Consumable Usage

First off are consumables. While these are pretty much a requirement for normal raids, when it comes to LFR, they aren’t. In any given group of 24 players, there are maybe one or two that are using consumables. In other words, don’t worry about using them – the encounters don’t require them and you’re better off saving your gold. At the same time, just assume that others aren’t going to be using them, either. While not a large issue in most groups, you will sometimes run across players that are a bit more elitist and try to force everyone else to follow suit. It’s LFR – enjoy it.

Boss Mechanics

If you are using LFR to learn encounters so you can take part in the actual raid instances, you will be left unfulfilled. While the bosses often have similar mechanics, they are usually different. A great example of this is when fighting Eye of Il’gynoth in the Darkbough instance. Minions are spawned that you should be killing next to the boss in order to damage him. In LFR, however, they can be killed anywhere, as they do damage regardless of where they actually die at. Encounters like this help build some familiarity with the bosses, but remembering the distinct differences is important when doing the actual raids. Some LFR players will push for everyone else to follow suit, while others will brush it off as being unnecessary due to it “just being LFR.”


Pulling Your Weight

A great aspect of LFR is that you can learn new play styles, builds, and experiment while helping in a raid-like setting. The encounters are not overly difficult, and for the most part, they are not going to bring on any sort of a DPS race. As such, you do not need to worry about maximizing your damage output (if you’re a DPS). For healers and tanks, they are also made a bit easier, such that you can learn as you go. In each group, you will be with a lot of players that do better and worse than you do – and that is a great time to learn what you are doing wrong and what you can do to make yourself more efficient for the real battles.

Note that this isn’t to say that leeching is okay, nor condone passively taking part. The LFR encounters are still group-based content and should be treated as such. It’s just that you should not be too worried about doing your absolute best and being kicked. There are going to be many fresh players (both in terms of gear and experience), and it is a great way to learn how to be better. At the same time, keep this in mind because it means being an elitist won’t really get you anywhere – all it will do is annoy you and others.

Time Commitments

A somewhat amazing part of the LFR system is that, at least with the Legion instances, there aren’t huge time commitments required in order to take part. Most of the instances are going to take under 30 minutes – which is even less than most normal dungeons. It is a great way to jump in even when you do not have a lot of time and still get some raid content in, as well as maybe get some cool new gear. Pretty much all of the Legion LFR raids out so far have three bosses, with some trash in between them. The outlier here is Rift of Aln, with one boss (and it is also the fastest one to complete, taking under 10 minutes usually).


Enjoying the Runs

Overall, as long as you are managing your expectations when in LFR, you can have a great time, meet some awesome people, and work on gearing yourself up better. Elitism is generally looked down upon within, and it is a place for players to go and have fun. As long as you are helping the rest of the group with taking down the bosses and trash (and NOT pulling extra trash or attacking a boss before the tanks are even ready), you should be good to go. The few and far between times people end up being kicked it is due to either being AFK or attempting to cause disruptions with the others. For all intents and purposes, LFR is a casual way to take part in end-game content without all of the commitments that would normally be required.

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