WoW Token Prices Inflate Drastically Due to New Uses

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In a new update that was stealthily implemented in World of Warcraft, the game’s tokens, previously usable only for subscriptions, have gotten an entirely new usage – and have opened a whole plethora of options.

WoW Token

Monday Stealth Update

An update was implemented on Monday, with no information given about this new feature. Some players caught on quickly and started sharing the information with others, bringing about a bit more awareness. So what exactly changed? WoW Tokens can now be used to add $15 to a player’s account. We’ve known that this day was (hopefully) coming, but now it is official. When you utilize one of the tokens, you are given two options: add funds to your BNet account or simply add another 30 days to your current subscription.

As for what the funds can be used for… anything that’s on BNet’s site. This means, for example, players that do not have the Legion expansion can earn tokens within the game and essentially use those to purchase it, as well as other features, other games hosted by BNet, and future expansions. Rather than being limited solely to what World of Warcraft offers, you can do pretty much anything!

Inflating the WoW Tokens Beyond Belief

Tokens have been fairly consistent in terms of pricing. There are swings here and there, usually depending on the time of the day, or things like weekends, but for the most part, the swings have been controlled. Buying at 59k or 60.5k is not a huge difference in the long run, so timing the market hasn’t been something you really need to worry about. Now, however, things have changed drastically.

As the screenshot below shows, gone are the days of 60k gold WoW Tokens. Now, we’re looking at 85k and higher. It is hard to figure out exactly how high it is going to go right now, but there is one thing for certain: with so many more options available outside of just WoW subscriptions, more and more gold is likely going to keep being pushed towards purchasing these. This will be especially true as Blizzard releases new games and expansions.

WoW Token

A Controversial Change

This has brought about some controversy within the game’s players, with some of each side of the fence. Most of the argument against it has been the fact that the update was made stealthily, which some theorize is what has caused the massive run up in prices. The issue with this theory, however, is that even with an advance notice, players would have still done the same thing – the only reason why it had not already been done was because nothing was confirmed, and despite some strings of text related to it being data mined within the client, it could have just as easily been removed. As such, it was not so much the implementation itself that caused the issues, but rather the fact that it was finally confirmed.

The other argument that some players have is that it makes obtaining tokens using in-game means that much harder. And this is absolutely true. The increase so far is over 35%, meaning you must work that much harder to keep a subscription going without paying any cash. That said, there are some bright sides here for those who try to make money on the auction house: there is going to be more gold floating around in the economy, and inflation will hit other items, as well. This is bad for those that are looking to purchase things off the auction house, but is amazing for those that want to play it for an advantage and snag some more WoW Tokens.

WoW Token

What to Look Forward To

I think at this point, it is fairly clear that the market needs to find a stable price range for the tokens. It will likely be weeks, rather than days, before this happens, but we are almost guaranteed to be at a range that is far higher than previous. Many players, myself included, would not be surprised if it lands at the 100k-120k mark. With so many more uses for these, it is going to increase the amount of farming players do, which means there will be more gold, and the more gold there is (and players buying tokens), the higher the price is going to go. While it is entirely possible that the price will normalize lower after everyone gets this massive run on the market over with, the safer bet is to just assume it is going to continue up for a while.

And as a side effect of this new system, it is theorized that there is going to be a resurgence of bots. Whether or not this is going to happen is anyone’s guess. There is definitely going to be some balance between the existing player base/economy and the future one. If anything, however, this will decrease the value of gold, which should make it that much less appealing to run farming bots.

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