Zenimax vs. Facebook Trial Damages Jump to $4 Billion

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The high-profile trial between Zenimax and Facebook involving the alleged intellectual theft of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset has ended. At the time of writing this article, the jury has not reached a verdict, however, they will over the next few days. During the two-week trial, the damages sought by Zenimax against the defendant reached a staggering $4 billion.


Zenimax alleges that a former employee used VR code that it owned after the employee was hired by Oculus (the company was later purchased by Facebook, which places Facebook as a defendant in the trial.)


“One of the biggest technology heists ever” is how ZeniMax attorney Tony Sammi described to jurors Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus in opening statements. In Thursday’s closing arguments, Oculus attorney Beth Wilkinson told jurors ZeniMax  is “jealous, they’re angry and they’re embarrassed” over the success of Oculus and the acquisition by Facebook.


The trial involved two plaintiffs, five defendants (including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg), nine causes of action, over 900 court filings, and the $4 billion damage seeking.

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