New Action Game Skara - The Blade Remains Walks into Open Alpha

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SKARA - The Blade Remains will globally launch its Open Alpha for the first time, as a Free-to-Play on February the 3rd. This third person melee action game has been developed for the last four years by a small team based in Barcelona and promises a challenging and furious gameplay with an innovative approach in Lore and player engagement.

“The main idea we had from the very beginning was to put players in the center of this dying world, and make the Lore evolve based in their actions, not the other way around” says Pablo Rodríguez, Creative Director of SKARA. “Our Kickstarter backers and Early Adopters are already part of the Lore: now it is time to open this to the rest of the world, starting with the four-days event called ‘Cataclysm’ that will initiate the ‘Time of the Two Suns’".


This weekend event will be the beginning of the first-open season of SKARA - The Blade Remains, and all players actions will forever influence the future of Lore. Best players will rise as Kings and Villains of each faction and will be converted in stories that will shape Skara’s future.


"We created a rich background with hundreds of stories that will set the scenario for the players to come", says Jackson, Skara’s Cowriter , "but what happens in Skara´s future will be determined by player's actions".


Skara´s first novel will be published by Planeta - the fourth largest publisher in the world - during 2017, and some of its characters come from the players community. Upcoming novels, videos and comic books will narrate all that happens in the game as an exciting way to adapt persistent Lore and reward Skara’s best players.

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