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As of January 17, it’s time for the Lunar New Year in Guild Wars 2! This year celebrates the Year of the Rooster. See our guide below on how to make the most of this event before it ends!

The event takes place in Divinity’s Reach, in the Crown Pavilion. During this entire event, all players are affected by the Memories of Home effect, which increases Magic Find by 15%. (see below for additional ways to increase magic find. Envelopes are affected by magic find, and it is highly recommended to increase.)


Dragon Ball Arena Achievements

Daily Achievements


  • Dragon Ball participant – 1 point – Play 2 rounds of Dragon Ball  (1 Homemade Lucky Envelope)
  • Dragon Ball Boss – 1 point – Win 5 games of Dragon Ball (1 Homemade Lucky Envelope)

Special Event Achievements


  • Dragon’s Shadow – 6 points – Gain 5 Invisibility Power-ups (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena (10 Little Lucky Envelopes)
  • Dragon’s Heart – 6 points – Gain 8888 HP (running through blue orbs) while in the Dragon Ball arena (10 Little Lucky Envelopes)
  • Dragon’s Breath – 6 points – Gain 4 Dragon Damage power-up (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena (10 Little Lucky Envelopes)
  • Dragon’s Gaze – 6 points – Interrupt 100 skills (using #4 skill Dragon Kick) in the Dragon Ball arena (10 Little Lucky Envelopes)
  • Dragon Ball Champion (repeatable) – 1 point – Win 10 games of Dragon Ball ( Coffer containing Dragon Ball Champion token, 5 Little Lucky Envelopes, and rare gear)

Firecracker Achievements

There are 10 Firecrackers in total, you only need 5 for the daily achievement but for the achievement Firecracker Finder you will need to find all 10.



Envelope Guide

The main goal of the Lunar New Year is to open lucky envelopes for prizes. Each envelope costs 1 gold and always drops a figurine that makes back most of that money, along with firecrackers or treats. The envelopes can also rarely drop the two new rooster lantern backpieces, as well as an ornamental figurine worth 8 gold. The envelopes are affected by Magic Find, so it's best to get as much as possible before opening. These envelopes are also available on the Guild Trader for guild commendations.

Easy Magic Find sources


  • The Silverwaste event chain, 5 stacks of participation for 30% each and 50% for killing the Mordrem Vinewrath. Additionally, opening the envelopes while opening a bandit chest grants additional magic find.
  • The Celebration Booster from the Daily rewards give a cheap 100% Magic Find, and are given once a month
  • All of the food from lucky envelopes grant 25% Magic Find. Peppermint Omnomberry Bar, Omnomberry Bar, Omnomberry Tart, Cup of Lotus Fries, Dragonfly Cupcake and Spicy Pumpkin Cookie all grant 30% Magic Find. Chocolate Raspberry Cream and Chocolate Omnomberry Cream grant 32% and 40%, respectively, while under the effects of a boon, as well.
  • Firecrackers from this event grant an effect: Rooster's Gift, which gives 10% Magic Find.
  • Guilds will sometimes provide a Guild Heroes or Magic Find banner nearby. These give up to 15% Magic Find.
  • If you're in a guild and have the Guild Tavern upgrade, purchase Guild Item Research from Nathan the Bartender for a free (up to) 10% Magic Find for 24 hours (in-game time).
  • The Halloween utility consumables from Trick-or-Treat Bags grant 30% Magic Find each and are cheap to acquire on the Trading Post.


New Items In Gem-Store During Event:

  • Solar and Lunar Dye Kit – 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems
  • Celestial Rooster Harvesting Tool – 1000 gems
  • Lucky Rooster Lantern – Drops from Envelopes or Bought on TP
  • Lucky Great Rooster Lantern – Drops from Envelopes or Bought on TP (Can be also made from Mystic Forge: 1 Lucky Rooster Lantern, 20 Elonian Wine, 250 Essence of Luck (blue) and 25 Lucky New Year Firework)
  • Mini Celestial Rooster – Rare drop from BLC Chests


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