Top 5 Picks of Eastern Fancy Mobile RPG

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While the western gaming world focuses on magic, the eastern fancy world is more diverse. The eastern culture is cultivated with numerous tales of Gods and human heroes, as well as the beautiful eastern scenery is always the attractive element for gaming. This week we are going to introduce you Top 5 Eastern Fancy Mobile RPGs that will help you to understand something of the eastern world, as well as to seek high-quality gameplay in satisfactory scenes.

Naruto Mobile


Ninja culture is getting hotter and hotter these days. They are special kind of warriors who truly exist even today. Many films and games are fond of inviting Ninja characters, such as Deadpool and the ones in G.I. Joe. But what makes Ninja popular all over the world should be the anime series Naruto.

Naruto Mobile is originated from the anime and brings it to be a fast-paced Arcade RPG title. Voiced in Japanese and played in original Naruto characters, you are going to follow the splendid storylines and experience the skillful combats. It is one of the best games to realize your Ninja dream, but it is pity that Naruto Mobile only has a CN server under Tencent’s operation, if you are interested you can read the instructions here to play this game.

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