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Nova Blitz is a CCG that actually offers some enjoyable gameplay, unlike many other card games that came after Hearthstone.

For those of you that are familiar with some other popular card games like Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, Nova Blitz has two similar mechanics as these games: you gain one Energy per turn(same as mana crystals in Hearthstone) and there is a color/faction system(same as Magic the Gathering), but that's all, as after this all similarities stop.

Nova Blitz

What Nova Blitz is utilizing well is the duration of matches. Even control heavy decks that I played against didn't make the match go past 6 minutes.

For all of you that hate randomness, there are very few cards with any random effects, and those that have them aren't powerful and can be easy to counter. Developers also have a team that answers quite quickly to any reports, which is needed in a game that's still not finished. The developers even take player suggestions into consideration, as they even added a player-suggested effect, Double Block, into the game.

Nova Blitz

The cards that I got in the beginning were also quite powerful, as the deck I made from the base set allowed me to tackle on the AI without much trouble. You also get loads of cards for doing lots of things, so you'll earn quite a lot of cards without much effort.

But, Nova Blitz isn't perfect. The amount of income you earn is solid, but if you play a lot. Players that don't have the time to play the game a lot will often find themselves in need of gold. There aren't many issues with games, but some deck archetypes, from what I heard, have really expensive counter-decks, and obtaining cards of Legendary rarity will be quite hard in the beginning.

Nova Blitz

But, Blitz Nova just needs a bit more polish and maybe some more quality of life additions to become one of the better card games on the market!

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