Dropzone: RTS and MOBA Fusion Preview

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The creators of masterful titles such as Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning made a strategy game called Dropzone.

Dropzone is set in a universe where humanity depends on something called Cores, a hard to find, powerful energy source that's mined from Europa, Jupiter's moon. But, a strange alien presence called the Kavash took over Europa and almost broke humanity completely, but now the human race is ready to retaliate.


Players play as a Core Hunter, a renegade and a privateer, who compete against mercenaries and elite military companies at the edge of the Dropzone to claim vast riches. The universe is being torn apart by war, battles are fought over Cores, and you will take part in all of that to make your name known.

Dropzone combines two genres: real time strategies and multiplayer online battle arenas. The result is a game that has attention management, tactical positioning, strategy, and in-game leveling all mixed into one game. You control three battle Rigs in matches that last 15 minutes. Collecting Cores and completing map objectives will give you points, and the one with the highest amount of points when the time runs out wins. Face off against the deadly Kavash while also dealing with other Core Hunters.


You will be recruiting Pilots that have unique abilities and default Gear. Then at level 5, your Pilots unlock their Special Move that can turn the tide of battle in a matter of seconds. Rigs can also be customized with Gear to get both active and passive abilities. Blueprints are acquired as you level up and use the game's crafting system to upgrade your squad to become the last things your enemies see before they perish.

There are four classes of Rigs: the Tank, Gunner, Mechanic, and the Summoner. Develop your own playstyle using these classes.

There are both PvE and PvP modes in Dropzone, so take on foes together with other players or fight against them to see who's the deadlier Core Hunter!

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