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Tree of Savior is a game that I liked a lot, but I also hated parts of it.

The game improved quite a lot in the last few months, but it still has ways to go. The biggest problem with the game is the horrendous FPS, especially when you find yourself in a crowded area, then the game becomes barely playable.


Tree of Savior has a lot of quests for you to grind through, as well as dungeons to conquer. I played solo for the most time, and it was a mediocre experience at best. But, when I got playing with some random people and then kept playing with them I found the game to be a lot more enjoyable. Grinding with other players was really fun, especially when I got to see all of these abilities blowing up enemies as soon as they come close to us. There are over 50 classes, and skill builds seem to be quite diverse with lots of experimentation available to those that want to experiment. Lots of items are also present in the game, but I didn't play the game that long so I could judge if all of them were equally powerful. PvP isn't anything special, but, again, if you have friends to play with, it becomes a lot more fun.

Tree of Savior has the ability to become quite brilliant MMORPG, but there are many issues now that are holding it back. But, you should definitely try it out for yourself at one point, at least to check the masterful artwork and soul soothing music.

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