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In the January 18th patch, Black Desert introduced a new system called the Fame system. It is based on your characters’ combat levels, life skill levels, and energy. The game ranks your score against a tier list, and then it pays out rewards of silver to you daily. Your fame pays out every day at midnight, and you will receive a mail with your rewards. In addition, characters between level 15 and 55 can claim a combat experience buff of 20% that lasts for 60 minutes through the daily rewards interface.

To see what your fame level is at, press “P” to open your character window, and it is located at the top right.

Payouts Based on Fame Tiers

Life Fame – The life levels of all character. Only life skills that are professional or above count for this.

  • Professional (1-10) 31-40
  • Artisan (1-10) 41-50
  • Master (1-30) 51-80
  • Guru (1-20) 81-100
  • (Total levels of Professional/Artisan/Master)/2 + (Total Guru Levels) + 1 = Life Score

Combat Fame – Combat levels of all your characters. Characters of level 56 and up will get twice the fame points and characters of level 60 and above will get five times the fame points.

Special Fame – Adds up your knowledge and contribution. Your gained knowledge (divided by) 10, and then add your contribution points. You can see your gained knowledge by pressing H and look at the bottom right.

The max daily payout you can get is 1.75 million silvers per day.


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