Are Single Player Games Falling Behind MMO Games?

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As games evolved, and as the technology of the world allowed video games to evolve, the focus and potential of games evolved with it. While video games started out as a single player affair in most cases, they soon evolved into a two-player competition. Then, they evolved to allow up to fourpeople to play. Then once the internet was allowed to connect to games, it became about playing against anyone in the world, which lead to the arrival of MMOs. Which, not only became its own genre, but, also set the standard in many ways for how games are played.

MMO Games

But, as both MMO and single player games have evolved, a question began to arise. Is one better than the other? And, is one falling behind the other? For some, MMOs are actually a lot better than single player games for the simple reason that you can play with just about anyone has the game, regardless of where they are in the world. On the other hand, single player games are by definition, single. Meant to test ones skill, and one persons skill alone. So, have single player games fallen behind the MMO genre?

MMO Games

Honestly? I don't think it's a fair comparison. Why? Because while it's true that MMOs have evolved greatly, and some are magnificent titles, there are some people who only prefer to play single player games. Also though, while MMOs like World of Warcraft, or the recent ArcheAge 3.0 skyrocket to popularity, you can easily say the same thing about titles like Mass Effect, or the original Assassins' Creed titles. Or how about Legend of Zelda? Which only in two cases had distinct mulitplayer features, yet the rest of the time is purely singleplayer. Breath of the Wild is primarily singleplayer, and is already being called a GOTY candidate without being out yet!

Also, while MMOs have a lot going for it, just like any other game, they have faults. There are those who can't play MMOs because of the playstyle. A lot of have been turned off by the genre because of the need to be online to play them, or because of how they need to grind to get to do some of the better content. For single player games, that's not the case more times than not. And yes, you can play with friends or people around the world in MMOs. But what if you're having a bad day, and don't want to deal with other people, where do you go to? Single player games.

In the end, as in all things, games are about preference, regardless of how far they've evolved. What do you want to play on this day at this time. What genres are the best? What ones are the worst? It's all up to you. Video games can be very easy to compare, yet very hard to compare at other times. To debate whether single player or MMO titles are better than one another is a true apples to oranges case in this writer’s mind. Both have pros, both have cons, so I say, if you enjoy either, or both...just enjoy playing them.

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