Illyriad: A Complex Strategy at Large

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It's hard to do first impressions on a game as Illyriad, as it's one of those games that you play for a long long time before you can truly evaluate it, but I'll do my best to give my first impressions on it.


When I first got into the game I was instantly upset by the fact that you could speed up things like building and boost resource production, but thanks to the hugely helpful community, they explained to me that those things won't matter in the long run. Research and population growth are the most important things, and those can't be sped up.

If you're interested in these style of strategy games, Illyriad will be perfect for you, especially considering how friendly the community in the game is. The game itself is quite easy to understand after you completely the tutorial, and if you still have things that you don't understand, just ask anyone in the chat and they will explain it all.

I even got the premium currency of the game for free just for logging in, so long-term investments pay off in Illyriad tremendously. When I opened the map I got startled a little, since it was huge and there were enormous amounts of territory to claim, which will probably make for huge alliance versus alliance battles. I didn't participate in much politics or trading, but from what I heard, they are quite fun and complex. I was given the choice between four races and apparently they all have different play styles, which is important in strategy games.


But, the game isn't perfect. Illyriad is definitely not a game for casual players, as it takes a long time for you to set up in this game, which requires you to invest a lot of time into it. The game requires a lot of time to be invested, but there were periods where I had nothing to do but wait, which could turn off some people.

All in all, Illyriad is perfect for people who want a slow-burn strategy game that requires a lot of time to be invested in it.

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