Hacking in MMOs Needs Urgent Solution

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One of the biggest problems in MMOs is and will always be, hacking. See, cheating in games isn't fun, at least not to me, since it makes the game easier than it should be but that's fine, players can do that since they can enjoy the game however they like, but in MMOs, this directly affects other people as well.

Hacking in MMOs

See, by hacking and giving yourself advantages or giving disadvantages to the people you obviously ruin their experience, which shouldn't happen in any game. Now, of course, hacking in MMOs has always been present, and there will always be a way to hack a game no matter how strong the defense is, but more anti-hack systems and more drastic punishments could diminish hacking by a lot. An example of a swift and hard counterattack to hacking is Blizzard's move to ban 10 000 Overwatch accounts in Korea.

Hacking in MMOs

The accounts banned were using something called "nuking", a method where some players overwhelm their opponents by using denial-of-service DDOS attacks that cause all sorts of connection problems. Blizzard responded quickly and banned all accounts which used this method of hacking.

There are no real ways to completely stop hacking, but actively fighting it and making sure the people who use that never play the game again is a sure way to decrease the number of players hacking, and that currently is the best way to fight hacking in MMOs.

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