Do Female Streamers Have a Huge Advantage?

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There is a lot of controversy behind females and streaming these days, because some women use revealing outfits to lure men to their streams. This gives rise to a question, do female streamers have a huge advantage when it comes to attracting viewers on various streaming platforms? Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no.

Female Streamers

By watching a couple of streamer girls that have shirts with a huge cleavage and 60% of their screen is their camera that's focused on their breasts makes it apparent, these kinds of streams have absolutely no entertainment value to players that are actually looking for quality gaming content. These streamers can only attract teenagers and younger players who won't really come to watch the stream for the actual gameplay.

Female Streamers

But, since there is a fair share of younger players that regularly watch streamers, female streamers dressed up to attract viewers do have a distinct advantage, especially when it comes to casual games like Hearthstone. But, when these female streamers try to go too far with these tactics, streaming platforms are quick to ban them, since nudity and other obscenities are highly frowned upon in these communities.

Female Streamers

There is no real way to battle this, because if viewers want to look at a pretty girl with a nice body playing a game instead of some random guy, they can do so, but gamers that come to watch quality streams will always pick streamers that do their best to provide the best viewing experience.

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