NetEase Is Bringing Its Hyped Mobile Game Onmyoji to the West

By raphael Date: Jan 12 2017 Views:

Onmyoji climbed up to the top grossing charts on App Store and Google Play really fast after its release in Asia, and later its hype helped to expand its gaming territories to English-speaking countries such as Australia and New Zealand.


This time NetEase confirmed the expansion of Onmyoji would start with a full Western release. Onmyoji will be translated into multiple languages and future plans are in preparation. NetEase Games Senior Marketing Director Jia Hai Mo had the following to say about the future Western release.


“Promotion to Europe and the United States may encounter more barriers to Eastern and Western culture, but we have high-quality content of the game with confidence. We will use the most appropriate way to meet the demands of users, not just do a simple language translation, there will be many details in it.”

Will Onmyoji with typical eastern cultural background become as successful as its present performance in western markets? Let’s wait and see, stay focused!

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