HeroWarz Temporarily Shut-Down: For Better Gameplay

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By raphaelDate: Jan 11 2017 Views:


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Instead of greeting new game’s release, we are facing the shut-down of a quite popular game launched in last year. HeroWarz English version is going down on March 26th, 2017 and when or whether it will be back stays in mystery.


However the good news comes with 2x bonus EXP and drop rates before the shut-down. Also the team called it Pause of HeroWarz and changes were prepared, so it is highly likely for us to embrace HeroWarz again.


But the main reason is to make HeroWarz better:
“However… It is with an unwavering sense of pride that we announce that in order for HeroWarz to become the game that we feel it needs to be, to make every change to every aspect of the game needed, such a task requires our direct and absolute, unyielding attention. In order to truly capture and immerse our players in the RPG centric story in the best way possible – updating Characters to be truly balanced and make known all of the unique abilities they all bring to the game, building upon and improving the way players interface with the game, and of course PvP and so much more – we have no other choice but to take HeroWarz offline.”

Count your time for HeroWarz and seize the chance to enjoy the feast before shut-down! Read more details here.

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