Lineage 2: Revolution First Fortress Event

By hearst Date: Jan 10 2017 Views:

Netmarble has released an infographic for Lineage 2: Revolution with details from the game's first Fortress event which was held on Jan.6th.


Each of Lineage 2: Revolution's servers contain eight fortresses. There are 960 fortresses on a total of 120 servers. 1868 Clans took part in the event, with the highest bid for any fortress coming from the "Land of Scream" Clan, which bid a total of 33,500,000 Adena.


During the fortress sieges, there were 310,654 deaths within the first 30 minutes. The "Lucifer" Clan managed to take the "Cruze Swamp" fortress within 48 seconds. The "Yupo Couple" Clan took the MVP title, with one player garnering 165 kills.


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