Should There be More MMORPGs Arriving This Year?

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MMORPGs were once quite a popular genre, with lots of them coming every year to try to become the next World of Warcraft. Now, it seems like the MMORPG genre is kind of backing down, with less and less games coming out each year.


This could be because the MMORPG genre isn't changed much these days, and maybe there are no changes to be made to the formula, but most new ones that come and promise to be something that you will be hooked on, well, they fail. It's sad to see a once really popular genre die off, but maybe the upcoming MMORPGs have the ability to change that. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Crowfall, MU Legend Online, Bless Online, Lineage Eternal, Revelations Online are some of the most promising ones that we are getting in 2017, so let's hope that they can turn the tables around and pull in lots of players.

But, when you look at previous years and how many promising MMORPG titles were coming out, you have to stop and think: "Why aren't we getting more games?" and the answer is not really obvious, at least to me.


I remember how in earlier years you had tons of YouTube videos titled "Most anticipated MMORPGs of year xxx" and each video had different games listed there, but when I type "best upcoming MMORPGs 2017" everyone has the same games listed there, as the number of MMORPGs that's coming out in 2017 is worryingly small.

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