Polywar: A Unique FPS Experience

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It always sad to see games who have truly special concepts, but then they fail in the execution and they end up with zero players.

Polywar claims to be a fast-paced FPS with mechanics that reward skillful kills and also creative weapons. Even though in most cases, Polywar does have these features, the problem is that it has so many problems overall that they just drag the game down.


But, Polywar isn't all that bad in essence. It has a weird sci-fi setting with geometric soldiers that run around these hectic maps shooting each other with laser guns. The most fun is had because of the maps and the way you're encouraged to be all over the place, jumping from point A to point B while also blasting an enemy mid-air. When you look at it from this perspective, it's quite a fun game. But, then you find out that POLYWAR has no reload mechanic and there was no aim, or at least the button to aim down sights didn't work for me (and according to Steam Reviews, it doesn't work for other people as well). I don't know if the "no reloading" thing is a game mechanic or what, but it is utterly annoying and it's mindboggling that Polywar launch without it. Add an absolutely none-existing player base to all of this, and you get Polywar in a nutshell.


It may seem like I'm just bashing the game, but even though it has some interesting concepts that could really make for an excellent shooter, the flaws are too big to overlook, so players should wait until these get fixed before buying this game.

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