MaxControl: A Working RTS/FPS Fusion

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MaxControl is a game that's trying to mix base-building, real-time-strategy, and first person shooting. It's quite a feat, trying to combine all of these elements into one game, but maybe MaxControl will manage to blend them all perfectly.


The game is set in 2034 after the Great Depression, which was followed by seven years of a devastating global war. The current largest companies in the world are Global Resource and Gut, and they are battling for supremacy. The player is a mercenary, and a mercenaries job is to fight everything, for the right price.

MaxControl will throw you into an open world where you will fight your enemies with strategy, develop new technologies, and make sure that your employees are satisfied with everything. Build your bases on crucial places to ensure vital resources, occupy villages and even regions to acquire enough power and then crush the opposition.


MaxControl offers you four ways of playing the game: the FPS mode (where you go together with your team), base builder mode, troop General mode (command your troops), and constructor mode( design your Outposts and even industrial buildings).

Every player will have their own real-time map, and the index will be influenced by the daily cycle.

Produce many different goods to earn yourself some Gold, provide equipment for your army, construct new bases, and satisfy your employees. You can also buy and sell goods at the market if you really need/don't need them.

The world of MaxControl is ruthless, and your strategy will have to adapt to resources, the time of day, and even weather conditions. Destructible environments are also present.


MaxControl is a game that is trying to mix a lot of elements together, but if it manages to incorporate all of them into one video game without much trouble, it will without a doubt be an amazing video game.

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