Devilian Mobile: First Thoughts

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The mobile version of the ARPG Devilian is quite impressive, and it's called Devilian Mobile.

Devilian Mobile

The game takes fun aspects from its parent PC game and mixes it with the accessibility of the mobile platforms. Even in this version, the main and most interesting mechanic is the ability to turn into a demon or a devil. The three classes in the game (Kylar, Ayla, and Elin) all have different skills when they transform into their demon form, and from what I played of the game, it never got boring. Devilian Mobile also has pretty graphics and flashy combat, so that might have also affected how much fun I had while playing this title.

Devilian Mobile

You will go through the Campaign mode first to unlock other modes, but the Campaign isn't all that bad, since going through hordes of monsters and absolutely obliterating them is something that Devilian Mobile does quite well. Once you tear through enough enemies, you encounter a boss, that won't be anything too special but it will provide a little more challenge and satisfaction than what you get from fighting regular mobs. And, as an extra bonus that I enjoyed greatly, you get to devour the boss at the end of a chapter to increase your damage, which is an interesting way of increasing your character's power.

From what I played of Devilian Mobile, it looks like a fun, pretty hack-and-slash game for mobile platforms, and it will without a doubt be a game worthy of your time if you decide to download it!

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