Could Seraph of the End Work as an MMORPG?

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The main reason why so many people wish to see anime transformed into MMORPGs is because of the vast, interesting worlds and characters that those anime possess. Then put in all the super powers, and fighting and you basically have an awesome MMORPG to make, if you can make it that is.


Seraph of the End as an MMORPG would be something quite interesting, as we would get a world full of monsters that can be killed by both the humans and the vampires. Then you have both the humans and the vampires who both have some special types of weapons and upgrades to those weapons and even some forms of transformations (at least for humans) that could add some extra levels of customization.

The world could be open, and it could be something along the lines of DC Universe Online and how they handled their world and how you can move on it. Thanks to the variety of weapons and demons in the anime, lots of different and unique classes could be made, with branching skill trees and skill customization.


The story from the anime had lots of interesting turns, and that could be expanded upon in the game to give backbone to the world and its characters.
In theory, an MMORPG with humans battling vampires with demon-possessed weapons and fighting for survival in a world where enormous demons walk the streets freely does sound rather interesting, but can it be pulled off correctly is another question.

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