Greet Classic Sci-Fi MMORPG RF Online on Mobile!

By raphael Date: Jan 05 2017 Views:

The classic Sci-Fi MMORPG RF Online recently released a teaser trailer that conveys a good message: you are going to greet RF lovers on mobile devices.


Taking over the heritage of RF Online, the mobile version is named RF Online M and an new faction currently known as “Ancient Humans” will be added with all old factions available. Another new feature in the mobile version is that cross-factions teaming is enabled, your heroes selection includes Balance, Tank, DPS, Healer, Support and Commander to form your own tactics.


RF Online M will be full of PvE and PvP contents and even more than the client one. The release of teaser didn’t give us a clear schedule for RF Online M, nor did we hear any development news. But we believe its developer CCR Inc will bring the charm back soon, stay tuned and wait for more news from us!

Source: mmoculture

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