Player Reaches the Gold Cap in Guild Wars 2

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By michael_fuchsDate: Jan 04 2017 Views:


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The unthinkable has happened in Guild Wars 2; a player has reached the gold cap – the value of which was previously unknown. Gold in Guild Wars 2 is fairly hard to obtain en masse unless you flip items on the trading post, yet the player Numerix has reached the cap.


The player’s goal was 1 million gold, which would be quite a feat. Unfortunately, the gold cap cut his journey to an end at a mere 200,000 gold. He beomces the richest in Guild Wars 2!


Numerix posted the following message on Reddit: “Today I reached 200,000g (two hundred thousand gold) and with it the maximum you can store in your wallet. You will see it at in..a few…houres. But I'm not really happy about it, because my target was the million. And the worst of all is the fact, that there is no hidden Archivement [sic] or Title if you reach the end of the wallet."

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