NIDIA: Evolution of the Ring – New Game, New Impressions

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NIDIA is a fully fledged browser based MMORPG by IGameMore with modern features such as auto-pathing, auto-battle and dynamic graphics that should please any browser based gamer. Free gold for surveys and events that make it feel fair to all players. Free to Play, those who might spend a small amount a month and then also the full blown whales thanks to its many systems like the daily login bonus and luckily for me, the game was brand new, so lots of events were happening during the course of the review, if you are considering playing at the end of this article, I highly recommend you join straight away to make the most of this event!

Having also reviewed their older game, Sword of Divinity, I was lucky enough not to have to make a new account and also had the unique perspective of seeing how far IGameMore has come between games. The game starts with a choice of three classes, The Warrior, The Mage and The Archer.

As many of my readers may know, I always pick the crit-heavy Archer in every game; especially if she’s a cute girl. So with my character made, I begin where all of you will begin. The early game.

NIDIA: Evolution of the Ring

I ran through the early quests which was a breeze thanks to the auto-movement and tracking system; I simply read the amusing story lines and did some gold surveys in a separate tab so when I needed it I could use it which I highly recommend you doing as well. Especially if you have a dual-monitor set-up. It feels as if the game rushes you through the boring early-game that you’ve done on every game before which is appreciated. It runs you through the major unique features of the game, such as the mount system, ring system and wings system which are all as they sound and just require you to collect unique mats to upgrade to become more powerful.

Once you’ve cleared the early game with relative ease, it’s time for the mid and end-game which is of course why you’d want to be playing this game and why you might be reading this review and I’m happy to tell you it’s a lot of fun! There is a huge number of features in this game that it can leave you feeling a little lost sometimes.

Dungeons. There is a lot of them, in lots of different forms. Boss kill dungeons, traditional dungeons and plains of monsters you will want to AoE. The Variety is interesting, but what really grabbed my attention is the difference in drops. It feels as if everything is farmable in NIDIA which is a huge plus for me as a Free2Play Player.

NIDIA: Evolution of the Ring

Mounts. The mount upgrade system is pretty diverse, all upgrades lead to increased stats which is expected, but every 10 levels your mount will change in appearance and there are multiple bases to start with so it feels as if there are over 50+ mounts to gather. Exciting!

NIDIA: Evolution of the Ring

Rings. This feature seemed at first, the most un-interesting; every MMORPG has rings! I was actually mistaken; it seems like this is a core feature of the game which will hugely increase your character’s strength. They’re expensive to put on, but once you do as long as you don’t die or log-out they last the entire time and make killing bosses a huge amount easier.

NIDIA: Evolution of the Ring

The Item Mall is a tricky topic to talk about in this game because there are four types of currency. Silver, which is your typical player earnt by doing quests currency and gold; the premium currency. However, there are also two types of these currency. Normal and “Bound”. Normal currency works as you thought it would, normal silver buys all normal items and normal gold is the currency you buy for some of the best items in the game. VIP, Other great packages. However, the game also rewards you with Unbound Gold, which buys you some nice things but not all. Be careful and make sure you look for the little lock item to know which is which!

NIDIA: Evolution of the Ring

Generally speaking, the item mall is fair. It obviously favours paying players like any F2P game does; but it’s not 100% pay2win. Free2Play players are given a chance and there are lots of exciting first time buyer rewards that make your first (and possibly) only purchase feel really meaningful.

Which is important when there are so many PvP features in this game. With cross server PvP, arenas, guild wars, and kingdom wars gamers have nothing to want and almost too much to do! I really wish I played with a group of friends and just would turn on PK mode and lock out people form an area.

It’s conclusion time. Or tl;dr time, or “Should I give this game a go” time.

The answer is… Yes.. *if*.

If you’re looking for a new browser based MMORPG, you are not afraid of paying $10 to get yourself really stuck into the game and enjoy an Asian aesthetic then this game, Nidia is for you. It’s fully featured, has one-million and one things to do, upgrade and see. You won’t get bored and even if you do, there is an auto-grind feature until you feel like coming back. Awesome.

Until next time.

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