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Swords of Divinity is a browser based MMORPGwith modern features such as auto-pathing, auto-battle and dynamic graphics that should please any browser based gamer. Free gold for surveys and events that make it feel fair to all players, Free to Play, those who might spend a small amount a month and then also the full blown whales thanks to it’s many systems; like the daily login bonus.

Swords of Divinity

I start my reviews where you will start the game. The tutorial and the first half an hour experience, for most gamers this experience will make or break any game as attention spans are low and the competition is diverse so let’s just right in shall we?

The game starts with an easy account creation system, I simply used my Facebook login and I’m presented with 4 attractive classes to look at. The Warrior, The Archer, The Mage and the Priest. I’m a PvP fanatic and as such, I love to OHKO with critical hits so there was only one choice for me; The Archer. It helps that she’s a cute girl, though.

I ran through the early quests which was a breeze thanks to the auto-movement and tracking system; I simply read the amusing story lines and did some gold surveys in a separate tab so when I needed it I could use it. It took me about five minutes before the game suddenly grabbed my attention, I was given a mount. This felt a bit early for me, but I love mounts so I’m not complaining. Around this time, you are also taught about companions. I was suspicious that this game might have them due to its turn-based nature and it does, while you have your own hero, you can recruit others as well and form your own party; I imagine later bosses will require some thought into which team compositions will be needed to take them down.

Swords of Divinity

Once you hit around level 30, the tutorial part of the game starts to end, you might be thinking “Gosh, that’s a rather long time!” but the game has a lot of features and it explains them to you one by one in a detailed fashion so you are never feeling lost or alone.

During your advancement the game has some cute mini-games which will reward you with items to upgrade your friends and your mount!

Swords of Divinity

I found this a pretty enjoyable change of pace because the moment you thought you were getting a little tired, the game throws something new in your face that keeps you playing.

So the introduction of the game is engaging; great. So you’re probably thinking at the end of this article you might give this game a try; what class should you play? Luckily I played with two other friends and we all played different classes. Priest luckily, doesn’t require a party; it can solo-level AND be a boon to your friends so if you enjoy helping your friends or you’re big on guilds, (especially my guild) is always looking for priest friends. If you are just more of a story and adventure guy, the Warrior and Mage seem great because the warrior simply never dies and the mage can AoE everything down in an instant and if you’re like me and you like to do critical damage to single targets, the archer is best. It should be noted though that you can cover any weakness later down the line with companions anyway; so no big deal.

So if you’re familiar with my first-impression reviews; you know that talking about the Cash Shop should not be avoided; it should be honest and critical. Swords of Divinity while can be played completely free2play which is a good thing, does advertise quite a bit that you would have even more fun if you paid a small amount. I have no issue with this, but sometimes it can feel a bit blatant. I deposited a small amount and the only thing you should be buying as a new player is the VIP package which will make your early game live much easier and also give you many bonuses throughout the game. Also while doing this, you will get a first deposit bonus and get a ton of extra stuff. Neat. It felt like after this, I had no need to buy anything else but this is merely a first impression review; perhaps you can check later in a later end-game review if this is still the case. Other than that, the cash shop consists of lots of enhancement items, gems for later in the game for weapons and other character enhancement stuff. Standard.

Swords of Divinity

We’re approaching conclusion time and it feels as if this game has so many features, a single article isn’t enough. It’s a fully-fledged MMORPG within a browser which is amazing. I really appreciate the art style and the auto-battle system and navigation made it easy to chat to friends and talk about what we should do next and just have fun and be goofy. We all thought the cash shop was advertised a bit too much, but other than that small issue; it’s a lot of fun and you won’t be bored left with nothing to do.

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