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With Starfall Prophecy has come a lot of new content, as well as new levels and gear to go with them. Like previous content gates, this is largely based on the attribute of “Hit,” though tanks also need “Endurance” and there are some requirements of things like Dexterity as well. That said, the path for gearing up is generally going to be equal between the different roles, so let’s dig in to what you should be doing now to prepare for the raids that are coming in the (hopefully) not too distant future!

Starfall Prophecy

Get to 70

The path to 70 is a somewhat long one, involving many different decisions you can make on how to actually approach it. The general choices are:

• Do the main story line (which also benefits you as you get immunity to lava)

• Planar Assault Adventures (or regular IA)

• PvP

• Zone events

• Dungeons

• Daily quests

The great thing about these is that all of them other than the dailies are going to keep rewarding you with nice gear. It absolutely will not be the best you can possibly get, but if you’re looking to start getting involved with the end-game content, it will give a huge head start. That said, once you are there, it is time to start filling in the gaps based on what you still need and the items you have obtained through your journey.

Mixing and Matching

The best thing I can suggest for obtaining gear here is to mix and match as needed to fit the requirements. The current content (expert Starfall Prophecy dungeons) are based around specific stats, and as long as you meet those, you will do fine. Your secondary stats will likely already be far above what is required, so it’s usually going to be Hit that makes the difference. So to help break this down, let us look at a little listing of pieces and the hit that you want on them (as a minimum) to reach the needed number:

• Helmet: 250

• Chest: 250

• Gloves: 250

• Legs: 250

• Main Weapon: 500 for 2-Handed, 250x2 for 1-Handed

• Ranged Weapon: 250

• Neck: 250

If you add all of these up, you will come out with 2,000. Start by marking off the ones you have that already meet these criteria so you know what parts you still need to replace. And now it’s time to start knocking them out!

Starfall Prophecy

Crafting and Guild Help

If you’re a crafter or are in a guild, these can both get you items fairly quickly and cheaply. The important thing here is to keep up with the actual cost of making the items, though. There are many things that are cheaper in the auction house than even what it would cost for you to make them yourself. Don’t get caught up in this – know the prices!

Auction Housing Items

If you have enough platinum, the auction house is a HUGE help when it comes to this gearing. For example, I was able to get the ranged weapon for 125 platinum and necklace for 30. Most items can be obtained in a pretty similar range. The important thing to note here is that you don’t need the absolute best items there – they cost more and will be replaced later anyways as you work your way through end-game content. Instead, focus on the cheapest items you can find that have 250 Hit. Even if they’re green, that’s fine!

PvP and Favor

Once you have worked through the auction house and gotten what you can from there, you should have only a couple (hopefully) pieces left to go, if any. At this point, the best place to get them is going to be through PvP, most likely, if you’re into that and already have some Favor built up. The pieces through here are fairly cheap, making it a great place to shop. Doing the daily quest here while a Patron will speed it up significantly!

Starfall Prophecy

Normal Starfall Prophecy Dungeons

As an alternative, some players prefer doing the normal Starfall Prophecy dungeons. The downside to this is that you never know what items are going to drop. You could essentially run dungeons for weeks and never get a usable item. Compare this to PvP, where each Favor gets you closer to buying the specific item you need.

Planar Assault Adventures

These are a lot like normal dungeons when it comes to drops. You get plenty of chests here that can reward armor pieces, but you could go forever without finding anything usable. The good part about this, however, is that you do obtain a lot of Planar Fragments, which are great when you’re hunting for some to break down for upgrades.

Farming for Gold

As an alternative to going through the other areas of the game in the hopes you can get what you want, finding the prices for items you need and then farming the appropriate gold can also be a great help. To do this, things like running older raids can get you closer to your goal and then you can just buy what you need as you’re able to do so. And if you want the faster, but more expensive method, simply buy a REX, and that should cover the cost of all items needed!

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