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Once you reach level 20 in Revelation Online, you will unlock the Road to Greatness – a set of daily tasks that give large amounts of experience so that you can quickly increase your level (as well as other rewards.) One of these activities is the Hot Spring, an area where you can earn large amounts of experience while away from the game.

To access the Hot Springs, click the travel button on the Road to Greatness.


Once you are in the Hot Springs, you will find that in order to gain experience you will need to be eating food and drinking alcohol while you’re afk. There are two ways to acquire the food and drink items that you need. The first, is to buy the items using Gyth Notes typically earned from questing. To access the vendor that lets you purchase items with Gyth Notes, travel to the Hot Springs, and then exit to portal. The vendor will be standing to the left.



The second, and cheaper, way to acquire these food and drink items is to trade with the merchant located within the Springs themselves. However, this vendor will not accept your Gyth notes. Instead, the vendor will trade the items to you in return for Pond Sprites – which can be earned by actively fishing in the pond located to the rear of the Hot Springs. (Note actively fishing, not easy fishing which is AFK fishing. As of CBT2, active fishing is broken and Pond Sprites cannot be obtained.)






Once you have gained the food and drink items from either vendor, all you need to do is consume them from your inventory and you’ll be easily taking in experience! You can combine this with AFK fishing to earn crafting ingredients, raise your social skill, and raise your fishing skill as well!



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