Is Super Mario too Old to Run?

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Is it not surprising that Super Mario Run wins an ‘Upvote’ in sales performance, but it is really confusing that it gets a ‘Downvote’ in reviews. Having a good revenue performance could mean a success, but the feedback should be concerned seriously for the complains mostly stating: $10 is too much for Super Mario Run!


It is unfair to conclude the unsatisfying comments to the reason of expensiveness, since Super Mario Run is tagged with Free to Download. You can play three levels for free and you have the choice to pay $10 for the rest or press the delete confirm. At least you are not going to pay and play and then regret to have confirmed the purchase, the free-to-try makes room for tests and evaluation. As the most famous IP in Nintendo’s universe, Super Mario has embodied more elements of nostalgia than Pokemon, which maybe push Nintendo to step into the mobile games market for the first trial after witnessing Pokemon Go’s success.


Although it is not so sad as Pokemon Go, who has fallen from Mount Everest to Mariana Trench in three months, Super Mario Run is the second one to climb to the same height and later go higher. App Annie estimates that it's been downloaded 43 million times in four days and reached $20 million early enough. But the poor feedback from Apple Store reviews ring the bell that Uncle Mario may follow the deep jump after its little brother Pokemon Go.


There are already enough Parkour games these days, so players get upset when Super Mario Run comes out and seems to have nothing different but nostalgic from the other ones. Players feel disappointed when they finish the free content and face the $10 bill, they will say “Is this it?” or “This is it?!”. Honestly Super Mario Run is good at gameplay and anything else, all the complains are focused on the Money. Rob Fahey commented at with "Simply being angry with those who find the $10 price too much, or even exploitative, isn't constructive". We have to confess the Free-to-Start business mode does crash into players’ stereotypes and is trying to forge a way out, the success in capital can sustain the operation but the acceptance of players contributes to the total triumph. What is your opinions about Super Mario Run’s performance?

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