Hello MMO 2016: Top 10 New MMOs That Make A Gaming 2016

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Writing this collection at this time should actually be entitled with ‘Hello MMO 2017’, but before saying Happy New Year let's check what has amazed us in 2016. We are going to welcome the MMOs coming in 2017 in a few days and at the countdown moment which games in 2016 will come up in your mind? Check the Top 10 New MMOs below or leave your favorite ones here! See what kind of games can make 2016 a big Gaming Year!


Overwatch - A-Mei-Zing!


Overwatch could be the first to bring FPS + MOBA storm to the gaming industry and Blizzard has definitely gained awesome profit from it. More interestingly is that Overwatch is more popular with ‘Overwatch Butts’ than gameplay at early time and it has generates numerous cosplays and tidbits.


When we were still hyped in the MOBA 5V5 map DotA or addicted in the screaming of ‘Fire in the hole’ in CS, we never imagined that one day we could play the two genres in one game. Overwatch did it and upgraded the gameplay. Characters are not simply playing on the ground, the high-tech settings enable them to cast all-directions assaults so that much more tactics can be applied; the role setting of supporter makes an FPS extraordinary, which melts the MOBA element into gameplay; fast pace and splendid abilities push Overwatch to a sightseeing level, extending the diversity of gameplay from equipment to heroes and enabling players to utilize fragmented time.

Overwatch is so addictive that some compare it to cigarette, saying “ I will feel uncomfortable if I haven’t smoked it today”! Whether it is the Mei sending enemy up to the sky with her ice wall or the moving animated shorts, you will be coming up with one conclusion: Overwatch is A-Mei-Zing!


Black Desert Online - Lord of Customization


What is the first impression when talking about Black Desert Online? Probably the personal customization. Black Desert Online has pushed the “Graphics do matter” to the highest level, which creates a specific client for players to modify their character customization.


While some players are taking hours to create an MJ or themselves, this sandbox MMORPG enchants us with the realistic full action combat and seamless world in highly detailed graphics. Standing out on the roof and stretching your sight, the world is calling you to explore! You can collect resources as in some survival games and craft from weapons to decorations, BDO has enhanced the customization feature into housing and mount taming. When you are cutting the tree you are expecting realistic actions from your character and the shaking reflection from the tree, it will never be so satisfying to collect resources.

There are still many more contents for you to play, but if you are asking a title for the most impressive feature in Black Desert Online, I will make it “Lord of Customization”!


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