Healing With The Occultist Class in Revelation Online

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Revelation Online is still in closed beta, but those who have played it are getting a good grasp of what the game has to offer. However, despite this, there are some questions that are popping up now and again. One of them seems to be focused on the Occultist Class that the game offers. 

Many are wondering whether this character can be used as a healer, or in this case a "main healer" or "solo healer" in the game. As the character does have the potential to heal, but doesn't seem to be suited towards it. So, can you use the Occultist as a healer? Or should you try and make it something more useful?

You see, technically, the Occultist is very weak at the start of the game when it comes to the healing ability. In fact, it's more tailored to doing damage than straight up healing. Now, it's true you can heal in dungeons but it will be very ineffective, or at the very least, not the healing you'll likely want in those scenarios. In fact, as many beta tester will agree to, the Summoner is more suited to healing than the Occultist is. As their abilities are more spread out and thus can boost healing.


Now, that's not to say you can't use the Occultist as a healer, in fact, during the late game run, when you unlock tier 3 morphs, along with getting the skillbooks, you can actually get pretty good healing skills. But, the time it takes to get to that level may be a turnoff for many gamers. If you're looking for a simpler route for healing, than characters like the Summoner are better suited for you, while the Occultist , as noted on the main page of the game, can be much more effective as a battler with its powerful spells.

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