Battlerite Changes to League System with Rewards

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Battlerite, the immensely popular MOBA is still in early access. However, this hasn’t stopped Stunlock Studios from implementing major changes to the title to better the game for the nearly half-a-million owners before the games free-to-play release in late 2017.


Previously, when players would play ranked games in the title, they would earn a minute amount of points per win to eventually increase grade every 500 points. However, this system often felt extremely unrewarding to players who would win 1-5 points for a win and lose 15-30 points per loss. To correct this unrewarding feeling, a new league system has been implemented into the title, which also includes rewards depending on a player’s placement.

The first season is titled Artic Winds, and it includes a complete rework of the matchmaking systems. Players that queue in ranked together will find the game automatically places them into a separate ranking and team configuration with those they’re queuing with. After five placement matches this configuration of players is then able to name their team and continue to climb the ranks. Players can have as many teams as they have friends and friend combinations.

Each league consists of a certain amount of divisions that must be passed before players advance to the next division. Rewards are given at the end of the season based on the highest league obtained either solo or on any team.

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