Street Warriors Online Is a New PvP Fighting Game

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If you're searching for the latest PvP brawling game, Street Warriors Online might be the right one. Released on Steam on December 16th, Street Warriors Online is the first realistic PvP brawling game for up to 8v8 players. 

In Street Warriors Online, players can dynamically attack or block incoming attacks as opposed to MMO games. There're standard, special and sprint attacks for players to choose which cause different hit reactions.


Other features of Street Warriors Online include:

- Many battle arenas of different player capacities: 2v2, 4v4, 8v8;

- Three game modes: 
Skirmish: beat up all enemies to win a round. Win three rounds to win the battle.
Conquest: capture bases by spraying over your team's graffiti. Captured base generates points. Reach points limit to win. 
Capture The Bag: capture the bag and deliver it to your van. Reach bags limit to win the battle.


The following is a Street Warriors Online gameplay video posted on Youtube:


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