Player Spends $1,000,000 of Stolen Money on Game of War

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By michael_fuchsDate: Dec 21 2016 Views:


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Arguably, Game of War is one of the largest mobile MMO games. This is in thanks to its rather popular Kate Upton advertising campaign, as well as its other…interesting use of sexually themed ads to drive traffic to the title. The popular title generates over one-million dollars a day in revenue – with paying players spending an average of $550 on the game in 2015.


However, one player went above and beyond that $550 statistic. Kevin Lee Co, a 45-year old man from California, United States pleaded guilty in federal court to embezzling 4.8 million dollars from his employer over a period of seven years. Instead of creating a plan to flee the country with his ill-gained goods, Mr. Kevin Lee Co spent over a fifth of the funds on Game of War. He also admitted to getting plastic surgery and buying season tickets to the San Francisco 49ers and the Sacramento Kings. The record also showed Co bought "luxury cars" and a golf club membership.


If you’ve never played Game of War, the game is heavily monetized to encourage players to spend money to increase the speed of actions in the game, such as building, healing troops, recruiting troops, etc. Unlike typical cash shops in MMOs, the items that players can purchase with real money are not permanent and often have a temporary effect, such as a peace shield or gathering speed increase. A player could also spend large amounts of money on speed boosts to recruit troops, only to have those troops killed by another player.
Co faces up to 20 years in federal prison for his crimes. Let us hope that his one-million dollar strategy is Game of War was more effective than his strategy to not get caught.

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