League of Legends Leona Cosplay by Aoime

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By aoimeDate: Dec 16 2016 Views:


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Hi my name is Aoime. I'm a cosplayer from Hungary, making costumes since 2008. For me the most important part of cosplaying is to create costumes as close to the reference, as possible.



Leona photos by Thanior Pictures

At the end of november 2016, I managed to finish my biggest League of Legends costume, Leona's classic skin after the reference of the teambuilder picture. I worked on it near one and half year, and I will still work a bit on it, to manage to reach the perfect look for my upcoming photoshoots.




Amethyst Ashe photos by Scanner Darkly Photo Blog

I created this costume in 2014, and also got a 3rd place for it in London in the Eurocosplay Final 2014. It was a really complicate costume to make, and wear, but it was a big challenge, and I am really happy about how it turned out!


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