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We are very excited to have a chance to talk with Dark and Light Team about the game designs and current status. We are so grateful that Jonathon Stebel (Associate Producer, hereafter as JS) can provide us so much thrilling info before the game’s Early Access. Fasten your seatbelt and let’s us bring you to the destination! Also Dark and Light has joined the feast of Readers’ Choice Award, click here to vote for it!


1. Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Some of the players are new to Dark and Light, would you like to introduce the game to them?

 JS: Thanks for inviting us to take part in this interview! Dark and Light is a new take on the open-world survival genre, combining hardcore survival gameplay with high fantasy themes and unique, MMO-style progression systems.

2. Dark and Light has a development of 12 years, while it has been silent for a quiet long time. Do you have confidence in winning back players’ hearts in the fierce competition against others?

 JS: Dark and Light is a very different game now than it was originally - the core themes are still there, like the massive world and focus on exploration. Gameplay, however, has shifted dramatically, going from a slow-paced traditional tab-targeting MMO to a real-time action combat system. We’re confident that, while this reboot isn’t a direct extension of the original DnL, it’s still a fantastic, persistent world that’s sure to keep players engaged for a long time.


3. As we know, Dark and Light aimed at providing a deep and realistic world simulation with all the systems (weather, landscape, wildlife, plants, and more) connected, which sounds amazing, however, the team encountered into many difficulties during the development process. Can the players expect this amazing feature when the game is available?

 JS: Recapturing that feeling of a natural fantasy world is a main priority of the design team. Changing weather effects appropriate to the environment, coherent landscapes, biome-specific plant and animal life, as well as interspecies conflicts among creatures around the world are all things you should expect to see in Dark and Light.

4. In your description, Dark and Light will have a world map, we are curious about whether we have to turn around at the edge and whether we can tame the monsters we have met. Since your map is huge, will there be flying mounts?

 JS: Monster taming is a major feature of Dark and Light, and flying mounts aren’t just available, they’re practically a necessity for exploring the world and blazing a trail. Once players establish a foothold in the world and build up their crafting skills and resource stockpiles, they can set up connecting teleportation systems to cover long distances instantly, but both ground-based and flying mounts will always remain relevant.


5. You have mentioned before that “there will be no quests or tutorials”, will it be too hard for new players to study and master the skills and operation to survive in this sandbox world?

 JS: In some early testing, we realized that, while we do want to encourage players to explore and figure game systems out on their own, it was somewhat difficult for some players to get started in the world without having any direction. As a result, we recently implemented a quest system that helps introduce players to basic game systems. Right now, that’s about the extent of the quests, but we can expand on the framework if players respond well to the system. These quests don’t lock players out of any content or trap them in unskippable tutorials, so if a player just wants to hit the ground running and figure things out for themselves, they’ll be free to do so.

6. Many sandbox games feature the PvP with gear drop in the wild combat, Is Dark and Light the same? Can you tell us something about the PvP features on the map?

 JS: Current plans are to break up Dark and Light into two server types - PvP and PvE. On PvE servers, players won’t be able to attack each other directly, but if a player dies, they’ll be lootable by other players in the area. On PvP servers, players can attack each other freely outside of cities, and they can fully loot any dead character.


7. Is “Exploration” relevant to leveling up in Dark and Light, such as getting upgraded in body and mind?

 JS: I’m not sure I fully understand the question, but with the way leveling up skill trees in the game works (repeating actions related to a particular skill tree, like gathering iron for metalworking knowledge), players will need to explore to find particular resources. General experience, which is tied to your base level and your attributes, is earned by doing just about anything, like gathering resources or killing wild creatures.

8. Would you mind to share some of your future plan for Dark and Light, such as the beta tests, the release date or how it will be charged?

 JS: We’ll be announcing the Early Access launch info in the very near future, which will include full pricing information. Right now, we can say that it’s going to be competitively priced with similar games on the market, and there will be a discount for players who purchase the game during the Early Access period compared to the full launch.


9. What’s your suggestion for players to better enjoy this game?

 JS: I would say that players who go into the game with no prior knowledge are going to have the most fun with it. Even for competitive PvP players who need to know ideal leveling, gathering, and crafting strategies, it’s worth it to jump into the game and start exploring and leveling up attributes and skills on the fly to find the kind of playstyle that you enjoy the most, whether that’s PvE combat-focused, exploration, gathering, creature taming, general support, PvP, base construction, or something else.

10. Thanks for taking this interview. Do you have anything else to share with players about this game? We hope this interview will arouse interests of players! Thanks for your time!

 JS: Thanks for inviting us to take part in the interview! We understand that there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the game right now, but we hope that you’ll bear with us just a little bit longer until we’re ready to completely reveal everything that Dark and Light has to offer. We’re sure that players who try out the game for themselves will be able to stay engaged with it for a long time.


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