Blade & Soul's Ruins of Khanda Vihar Is Now Live

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NCSOFT announced today that its latest content update for Blade & Soul, Ruins of Khanda Vihar, is now live. 

The Ruins of Khanda Vihar content update brings a new epic questline, the Naryu Foundry dungeon, new legendaries, and refinements to other upgrade paths and costs within Blade & Soul.


The new story questline Khanda Vihar will send players to investigate the bizarre happenings plaguing the town of Sandstone Refuge. Assisting the town’s citizens will set players off on a grand adventure across the world where they can reunite with Dokdan the Wise and unravel a dire mystery on the ancient Naryu island of Khanda Vihar.


The quest through Khanda Vihar will send players into the Naryu Foundry: a factory built into the side of a mountain that was once used to build the Naryu automatons, but was recently taken over for more nefarious purposes. This new 4- and 6-member dungeon is the new pinnacle of difficult and rewarding PvE content. 

Finally, a number of new Legendary accessories are being introduced, in addition to refinements of other upgrade paths and costs.


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