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We are glad to have this opportunity to talk with Red Stone Online's developer, [ L&K Logic Korea Co., Ltd.] Nam, Taeg Won CEO, Executive Producer and Scenario Writer. His answers help us to go deeper into the game details and have an overview of the future.


Q: First of all, tell us a bit about yourselves and the online MMORPG Red Stone Online.
A: Hi, to all. L&K logic Korea online game development company, that is aiming to provide compelling online entertainment software to all. One of L&K's title, "Red Stone" was launched in 2003 first in Korea and has enjoyed popularity for a long time. It became well known thanks to unique features including transformation and CP. Another characteristic is that there are a lot of jobs—as many as 23 jobs—from which users can choose. The game was launched in Japan in 2005 and achieved enormous success since then. It has won Best Game in Webmoney Award for nine consecutive years.

Q: What inspired the story set in the fantasy world of Pradel?
A: Red Stone represents that, people crave for like power or wealth. We wanted to depict how people deal with such desire.


Q: What measures did you take to set the game apart from other MMORPGs?
A: First of all, transformation. All jobs can transform into a different one, which enables the player to have a different experience. The feature that allows users to play two different characters at once makes the "Red Stone" more interesting. Unlike other MMORPG games in these days, "Red Stone" has CP(Charge Point) system instead of MP. CP is energy that can increase or decrease according to what skill is used. User can make or use this CP as one of their own control or strategy skill for game such as use often as possible or use all at once or combined of two . One of the biggest advantage of CP system is user can continue to attack without any pause.

Q: Were you inspired by any other games in the genre? A lot of the feedback for the game makes reference to old school titles.
A: When it comes to graphic resources, we were mostly influenced by Diablo 2. On top of that, many RPG games that came out from the late 1990s to the early 2000s affected the "Red Stone". The jobs or skills in "Red Stone" affected by D&D series. I'm a big fan of classic games. Memories of classic games I played like Ultima, M&M(Might & Magic), and Wizardry, and these memories became an important role in creating "Red Stone".


Q: Speaking of inspirations, do you have any that lie outside of gaming? Fantasy fiction, films and television etc.
A: I can't discuss this without mentioning LOTR (Lord Of The Ring). It had great effects on the way of depicting a fantasy world. I also learned a lot about details and plots from Japanese fantasy novels like Record of Lodoss War and Slayers. I think Japanese fantasies are good at portraying characters.

Q: What is your stance on the free-to-play service found in a lot of games these days? Is it a system that benefits all players, or is it too reliant on pay to win?
A: Many games use Free to Play policy so that people can easily try the game. "Red Stone" also free to play game as many others. But none paying users are also important as paying user to us, because, without users there is no community and most of none paying users are part of community and potential paying user to us. So we value free players. But we also take care of paying players since they help to make the game sustainable. The thing is strike a balance between them. It must be a challenging task for all F2P games.


Q: Is Red Stone ever likely to make the leap onto consoles?
A: I think console players would find it difficult to adapt to the game because of the classic visual style and UI which is based on mouse control.

Q: Do you have a plan regarding future support and content for Red Stone?
A: Adventurer Club 2.0 will be updated next in the near future. It will include 5th rebirth, a series of new quests, new hunting fields for high level players, new Apache weapons, a party matching system, new stores, items, and more. Besides that, there will be more updates in 2017.


Q: Apart from RSO, do you have any other projects you've been working on?
A: A mobile game Red Stone 2 has been released recently in Korea. And Lodoss war online, the MMORPG that is going to be launched in the global market soon.

Q: Finally, do you have anything you'd like to share to entice new players to your game?
A: Those gamers from 1980s and 1990s should agree that games at that time were full of dreams, romance, and imagination. I want to recommend them to try Red Stone if they want to feel the same again.


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