Top 5 Mobile RPGs That Are Worth Your December

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Cold winter is coming and you may be kept in your warm house because of the heavy snow outside. In order to kill the time and warm up your fingers, we recommend you Top 5 mobile RPGs that are worth your December. You will surely sink into the good graphic and awesome gameplay while lying on bed and waiting for the Christmas dinner. At the same time you can go to our Readers’ Choice Award page to support your beloved games or to find some more awesome ones, as well as make a wish in the Christmas page for good luck.



After first show at last G-Star, Durango has been working a whole year to grow this Open World MMORPG and it is almost the time to harvest.

Durango is similar to a client survival game called Ark: Survival, where you will be trapped in a world full of dinosaurs. You will start everything with your bare hands, from establishing the camp and making food to get energy to hunting and collecting materials to craft weapons to fight against powerful dinosaurs, and you can even tame a dinosaur as your mount. Be a strongest survivor and pet the biggest dinosaur!


You are expecting a limited beta test of Durango English version from December 13th,2016 to January 4th ,2017. You can now register here for the test and watch the following gameplay.


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