See You Soon Ragnarok Mobile!

By raphael Date: Nov 29 2016 Views:

The popular anime MMORPG Ragnarok has finally had a clear date for Ragnarok Mobile launch, a Public Test will be held on January 19th and then followed by Open Beta on March 7th in the coming 2017.


The news was announced at a live music event in China, but the good news was followed by a bad piece -- the launch would be only in China first. Developer Xindong says they are still talking with Gravity about spreading the game to more regions.

Surprisingly, the only currency in Ragnarok Mobile will be Zeny, which can be obtained from the in-game activities such as completing missions and killing monsters. Xindong confidently promised that there will be no premium currency in the mobile game. We can’t help guessing Ragnarok Mobile will not have the in-app purchase so it might be charged by download. Let’s hope it won’t be expensive and will follow its schedule closely, and better if they can provide test keys.


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