Rift Starfall Prophecy - The Tedious Path to 70

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Rift’s latest expansion, Starfall Prophecy, has brought with it a lot of improvements to the game, as well as many additions. A lot of new content has been added, including new worlds, but there is one area in which the expansion has seriously failed, and that is in making the new content tedious, rather than challenging.

Rift Starfall Prophecy

A Ton of Running (Back and Forth)

One of the first things that you notice when going through the new story quest line is that there is a lot of running around. While it is understandable to have some, having you take a 5 minute trek back and forth multiple times starts to wear on you – especially when it is all in the same quest. For some of these parts, it is possible to use a porticulum to teleport from one location to another, but for the most part, you just have to run it. And getting there is not always as straightforward as just going, as pretty much every mob is aggressive, they also come to roads, there are invasions, and there’s a strong mob density, along with some irritating mob mechanics, which we will look at next. All of this together makes the travel less than stellar.

Horrible Mob Mechanics

Rift has always done a good job at giving variation when it comes to mobs and how they react with you. For example, using things like DoTs, healing themselves, doing knockbacks, etc. The new content has brought out one that really takes the cake here: frogues. These are overgrown frogs that do what frogs do – they stick out their tongue (with a large range) and pull you into them. Now, you’re probably thinking this isn’t too bad when you’re fighting them, but what about when you are just trying to pass an area infested with them so you can work on your quest? Once you have agrod two of them, their cool downs will pretty much keep you from being able to escape (one will pull, then the other, in a cycle that is never ending). If that weren’t enough, they will also pull you into other mobs. One frogue can turn into three or more very quickly. And due to their damage, that’s detrimental.

This is an oft complained about situation, and if you hang around the frogues, you will see one player after another get decimated by them. Even worse than this is that some quests are bugged to where if you die, you have to start over again. So the only way to get through these mobs is to simply kill them, working your way through fairly slowly. And then going back the same way, yet again killing your way through the pack. Once you have done this 4-5 times, it starts to wear on you. And getting around these mobs is much easier said than done in most cases, unless you can find others that have already pulled agro or are working on taking them down.

Rift Starfall Prophecy

Massive Experience Requirements

Through most of the game up until this expansion, there have been many viable methods of leveling. While PvP was generally seen as being a slow method, for example, it was still possible to level through it. The same goes for dungeons. It is worth noting that Instant Adventures, story quests, and specific dungeon runs were the most efficient ways to level, but at the end of the day, you could still do pretty much anything you wanted without feeling as if you were just wasting time.

With this expansion, however, questing is pretty much the way to go. At level 67+, with Patron status and experience vials, Planar Assault Adventures will result in a level every 8 hours or so, and PvP will take over 100 matches (and that’s if you win the majority, if not all of them) to gain a level. Dungeons are also only good for a few percent for each run. Now, this is important because it means you are faced with a decision: do you just want to “farm” experience (a slow process) or actually level up? If the answer is leveling, you really just have the one path to follow (or Planar Assault Adventures, if you don’t mind a repetitive grind to the top). It just adds to the tedious nature of the update, rather than adding in some real challenge.

Rift Starfall Prophecy

The Future Raids

The hope at this point is that the raids that are added in Starfall Prophecy will be challenging enough to warrant the path to 70. So far, it has been a path of making your way to the top, without knowing what to really expect. If the raids are anything like the current content, for example, that is going to let down a lot of the player base. But Rift has been known for focusing more on the end game than the path to get there, so this is hopefully a sign that the raids will make it all worth doing.

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