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While Guild Wars 2 is free for the base game and has a fee for the expansion, Heart of Thorns, there are some items in the Gem Store that are worth getting for players that plan to spend a lot of time within the game. We are going to take a look at some of these items, as well as how you can get them for free by using the gold to Gem conversion service built right into the game!

Guild Wars 2

Quality of Life Boosters

The focus here is on items that are not just short-term enhancements, but are there for the long haul and will help pretty much any player over their course of the game.

Unbreakable Gathering Tools. These come in at a cost of 2400 Gems. What makes these important isn’t even that you will never need to purchase another gathering tool again (which results in gold savings), but rather that you never have to take the time to manage the ones you have. The time savings here is huge – you buy and equip these once and you are good to go… forever!

Bag Slot Expansion, Bank Tab Expansion, Storage Expander. These come at a cost of 800 Gems per upgrade. The first two here are monumental, because they allow you to store a significant amount of extra items. If you’re running things like dungeons and Fractals, the items you have rack up quickly. And it’s not always easy to use a small inventory and keep cycling out items you may want to use later. These will quickly boost your slots, and you can buy multiple of them as needed (though it is a good idea to do a balance between inventory management and upgrading as it’s actually necessary). The Storage Expander itself is best for crafters, as it allows you to store more materials, but will not be needed for all players.

Shared Inventory Slot. These come as cheap as 560 Gems each, and allow you to store one item in a cross-character inventory slot. Note that this is fairly expensive, but can lead to strong QoL gains for players that need to keep swapping items between characters frequently.

Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic. This is 800 Gems, and is an item that allows you to break down items into their base components. It costs 3 copper per item that is broken down, but it comes with an unlimited number of charges. For players that do a lot of salvaging, this is a quick and easy way to not have to micro-manage everything.

Guild Wars 2

The Cost of Gems

As for the cost of Gems, are $10 per 800 of them. The total cost of everything on this list other than the shared inventory slot would be equal to $50, but there is another way to get them: use gold.

From the Black Lion Trading Company, you can use the “Currency Exchange” option to turn gold into Gems. As of this writing, 2000 Gems would run you about 500 gold, so all of these items would be equal to 1000 gold. It’s something that is doable, and the best part is that you do not have to do it all at once – you can buy gems one at a time if you wish, and then get the Gem Store items when you have enough to buy them. It’s a fairly stress-free way to get the items without having to pay, and you earn gold with pretty much anything you do within the game anyways.

Guild Wars 2

Getting Some Gold

If you are looking to obtain more gold for the purpose of getting Gems, almost anything you do will result in getting at least some of it, but there are some areas that are usually a bit more rewarding than others.

Open World Bosses. These will reward you with a chest on the first kill each day, which will give yellow items. Not all of them are going to have a ton of value, but most have at least some. And if you happen to get a much more rare item, they can go for a lot of gold. Do all of the events you can each day and sell the drops you get from the chests.

Gather Materials. These can be found all across the world, but some of the best places (at least easiest to deal with) are going to be in the Battlegrounds. The reason for this is because they’re all going to be the highest level materials, and you will be doing a lot of running around there regardless. It’s a fairly hot spot for players to farm materials, but you do have to be aware of your surroundings, as there is also a pretty active PvP group going on most of the time. Your own world’s battleground is usually the best bet here.

Farm During Events. There are a lot of items that carry great value during the events. For example, the Mad King Halloween event is a great one. Jump in on these as soon as they start and start selling the items you get as soon as possible. You will usually be able to net a fairly decent amount of gold before it is oversaturated!

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