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Following the claims that Tera would be getting more frequent updates, the next one is already just around the corner. This one is called “Fang and Feather,” and with it comes a brand new raid, a revamped archer class, and more, bringing about new content and some quality of life (and balance) changes. So let’s dig in!

Tera Fang and Feather

Archer Class Revamp

For archers that feel they just haven’t been getting enough love lately, this appears to be a large part of what the upcoming major update revolves around: giving changes that make it much more viable and help give it more utility through PvP and PvE content alike. Changes to look forward to in the update include:

Find Weakness: this is a skill that treats your next attack as if it came from the rear of your enemy, regardless of your relative position. In other words, higher damage and crits are on the horizon!

Chase: lets you charge forward up to 16 meters to close in on a fleeing target

Focus: some skills now generate Focus, a stackable buff that reduces the charging time of high-damage attacks, Penetrating Arrow, and Radiant Arrow. The normal Arrow attack will generate one stack of Focus when successful

Rapid Fire: now does triple damage on the first hit and 10% more damage on each subsequent one. Successfully hitting also generates one stack of Focus

Sequential Fire: replaces Final Salvo. It’s a quick follow-up attack that cancels the stagger effect from Penetrating Arrow, Radiant Arrow, and Thunderbolt. A successful hit generates 3 stacks of Focus and deals significantly more damage than Final Salvo previously did

Thunderbolt: damage has been doubled

Poison Arrow: cast time has been drastically reduced

Rain of Arrows: damage increased and a new attack mechanic; if your first shot is from the rear, all subsequent ones will be as well

Backstep and Breakaway Bolt: now allow movement in any direction

Sniper’s Eye: now grants 7% more damage against all monsters (as opposed to 5% increase only against bosses)

Incendiary Trap Arrow: deals 20% more damage

Slow Trap Arrow: allows you to trigger the trap yourself by using the skill a second time

As you can see from the changes, there are a lot of damage boosts across many of the skills, as well as buff-based ones and new mechanics. From PvE to PvP, these will drastically make the archer a much more formidable class for taking on enemies – a much-needed change. Especially with the new raid dungeon coming with the update as well, this couldn’t be timed better.

Tera Fang and Feather

New Raid Dungeon

The new raid dungeon coming with this update is a 30-player raid. The name of this is “Harrowhold,” and it is a very team-based combat area. For example, phase one deals with taking on four children of Virgos, all of which must be fought at the same time. The mechanics to this battle are also somewhat tough, as they are not only spread out, but must have players within a close range to each of them at all times or they heal each other fairly quickly. Being that this is the first battle within the raid instance, it is a sign that it is a somewhat difficult encounter, and it will require solid raid setups, as well as everyone being prepared and attentive during the fights – it isn’t just about having everyone attack a single enemy and trying to stay alive.

The best part about this raid is that due to it being a 30-player one, it not only means that the mechanics can be a lot more involved than with, say, a 10-man one, but it also means that more players can take part at once. It enables guilds that have a lot of players to run the raid without having to keep segmenting off into a lot of smaller groups, and opens the doors to a larger core raiding group. And for those that want to do smaller encounters still, that core group can then be split up accordingly for taking down the others.

Tera Fang and Feather

Coming at the End of the Month!

The Fang and Feather update is coming at the end of November, around a week from now. It’s a great time to dust off your archer if you have one, start preparing for the new builds, and get amped up for the new raid. For new and old players alike, this is one that is going to really change the game for the better. And if you are interested in taking on the newest raid dungeon, get geared up before it’s out and start looking for a raiding guild if you do not already have one!

For more details of what to expect within Harrowhold, as well as a walkthrough of this new raid, check out the official preview video right below! Note, however, that it does have spoilers on how to complete the raid instance.

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