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Skyforge is about to get another content update, as well as some pretty heavy quality of life changes, on December 1st. This is coming in its update titled “War Eternal,” and brings about something for everyone that’s playing the game, from being in a pantheon to playing it solo. So let’s take a look at what’s coming!

Skyforge War Eternal

Pantheon Wars

The second season of Pantheon Wars is imminent. Following the first season, the development team behind Skyforge has paid attention to how players feel and various requests and complaints that have been made regarding the Pantheon War system, and have implemented “numerous changes” to make it more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. As of yet, it is not clear exactly what these changes entail, but they have been doing a great job at giving the player base what they want – a true sign of caring.

Reaper Invasion

The Reaper Invasion will be starting after this update, said to be coming after the Oceanids started retreating. It is opening up new Adventures and opportunities, bringing with it a new batch of Distortions, the ability to face off against Thanatos, and earn great rewards along the way.

Skyforge War Eternal

Squad Adventure Changes

Here is what is going to impact the vast majority of players: squad adventures are being altered to make them much more soloable. Being that most players within the Skyforge world choose to solo, doing the adventures alone is a common occurrence. Not all players are on the same level when it comes to skill, however, and it leads to many being disheartened by the difficulty of some of the current content. Some aspects of this content is now being nerfed, so to speak, to make it much more easy for novice players to get it completed, rather than become annoyed by facing one problem after another. Mechanics required to defeat certain bosses, for example, can elude some players, making them much more difficult to complete.

Bosses and “a few other aspects” of these adventures are being altered. It is stated that this is going to primarily affect the lower difficult content, designed to help give newer players a much better grasp of the combat system Skyforge uses, helping usher them into the more difficult stuff. This, in effect, has come with its own pros and cons.

The Good

The good part about this for all players is that the content is easier. This means that more players will be able to handle getting to the end-game easier, leading to a situation where players aren’t asking for help as often, getting annoyed at the game and quitting, etc. And for any MMORPG, especially one where content later on focuses on players working together, having a stronger community is always a plus. After all, it means a larger pool to snag players from for various tasks, as well as things like Pantheons. And for those that were just fine with the content in the past, there is a strong positive here: it helps make it a bit more mindless (easier) and speeds up progression.

Skyforge War Eternal

The Bad

On the other side, we now have content that some will argue is just too easy. Some choose to play for the challenge, and getting rid of some of the boss mechanics does help push you through faster, but at the same time, it gets rid of that learning curve. Challenge-seeking players, however, will take this as being a negative (in that the game is simply too easy) and will move elsewhere. After all, there is a certain thrill that comes from struggling against a boss or adventure and finally succeeding after you plan your way around your faults, learning from each failure what you should be doing differently. And at the end of the day, there is very little content that already gives problems, so changing the system to make it even easier just turns it into a cakewalk, essentially a grind of sorts.

Moving Forward

Overall, it looks like the Ear Eternal update to Skyforge is going to help push things in a slightly different direction. The past updates appear to be slowly making the game easier for new players to push forward, and this one is a step closer to making it very newbie friendly. While there are definitely some reasons for why this isn’t always a good idea, it looks like in the case of Skyforge, it may be. And being that updates are focused not only on the end-game content but the older things as well, encapsulating what is essentially the entire player base in one way or another, it shows that they are really in tune with their players and are doing what they can to get everyone to have a solid experience within the game. With a little over a week until this update hits, we can once again look forward to new content in the not too distant future!

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