Rift - The Benefits of Planar Assault Adventures

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Planar Assault Adventures are a new gameplay type that came with Rift’s expansion, Starfall Prophecy. It is a type of “Instant Adventure” system that is vastly different from how the others work, and with it come some great benefits. Designed around the end-game levels (65 to 70), it is not simply about leveling, but also about farming, giving a pretty solid way to work your way to the level cap and at the same time get prepared for the harder challenges ahead.

RIFT Planar Assault Adventures

Non-Stop Rifting

It should be no surprise that the new game type has to deal with rifting, considering the name of the game. But unlike things like Nightmare Rifts, which can potentially go on forever (as they have no cap, so they just end when you fail to get a bonus round), they are more about chaining rifts together and just plowing through one after another.

When you enter the new adventures (using the same menu as Instant Adventures, defaulted to the “.” Key), you will be thrown into a raid party and teleported to one of the plane-based splinters, such as the Splinter of Fire. The splinter type will tell you the type of rifts you will be completing there – note that you do not draw them out on your own, so the Splinter of Fire, for example, will only ever have fire ones.

Once inside, it is all about completing rifts, slaying some rift Lords, and doing a few other minor tasks (such as killing a few other mobs that may be nearby). But the focus is on the rifting itself.

RIFT Planar Assault Adventures

A Very Rewarding Experience

The Planar Assault Adventures offer multiple rewards. You get experience (and a fairly decent amount, which is great if you tack on things like experience vials or the weekly quest and daily bonus charges), but also a lot of planarite, chests, and notoriety. The notoriety and experience should be self-explanatory, but it is the chests and planarite where this really starts to shine.

The chests obtained are Starfall Adventure Caches. They are green in rarity and come as a reward from pretty much every step made while in one of the adventures (step being closing a rift, slaying a rift Lord, etc., but per each stage of the rift itself). In an average group, you are looking at around 30 of these per hour on average. Planarite, on the other hand, comes as normal while doing the rifts – you will get tons of it without even trying.

Now, as for why the adventure caches are so important, they give things like Planar Fragments. Most of them have one, and they add up extremely quickly – just from a day of farming these, you will get more than you know what to do with, which will allow you to get set up with the best ones for your class and build, as well as plenty to start recycling to break down. Mix this with the great deal of planarite you are obtaining at the same time, and you have everything you need to start working up the Planar Fragment tiers, other than the platinum.

RIFT Planar Assault Adventures

Using Planar Assault Adventures for Progression

Planar Fragments are arguably one of the most important aspects of Starfall Prophecy, and it makes sense to work on getting the best ones you possibly can, as well as upgrading as you are able to. While leveling through the normal quests is seen as being a bit faster, there is one thing it lacks: the ability to farm a great deal of fragments. As such, it is a good idea to take breaks from the questing to run the adventures. If nothing else, run them until the daily charges you have built up are gone, as this will let you take part in moderation, while still getting benefits. And the questing will let you farm some extra platinum for the upgrades later on, and you can tell the planar dusts you obtain while doing the rifts if needed (though note that these are rolled on, so they are fairly rare).

A Repetitive Cycle

The only real downside to these, which may be positive for some players, is that they are extremely repetitive. Even more so than the normal Instant Adventures, in fact, because you are basically just doing the same rift cycles repeatedly, with no real change of scenery (unless you get taken to another of the Splinters). That said, it is an excellent way to work a bit on progression while you are doing something else, like watching something on TV, as you don’t really need to put a lot of thought into it – it is mostly just sitting there attacking whatever spawns and letting the tank and healers handle the rest. And because you can jump in and out at any time, it makes a great way to unwind from doing other things before you really start to dig back into the game.

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