Mobile Games You Should not Miss at G-star 2016

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Mobile games are proven to be the top highlights of G-star 2016. There are numbers of games that let me anticipate their arrival. Today I’ve collected five outstanding mobile games (mobile RPGs that are adapted from hot MMORPG and mobile MOBA) for you. Read on to find your favorites.


Bless Online Mobile

Longtu Korea, a subsidiary of Longtu China, signed a contract with Neowiz Games to develop a mobile game based on Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG Bless Online at G-star 2016.


Longtu Korea will have full access to the assets and technologies of Bless Online from Neowiz, which makes me curious enough to learn what kind of game it will be, however, there isn’t any information on genre or gameplay revealed to this mobile version.



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