Hearthstone: Where Is the Heroes of Warcraft Going?

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Hearthstone has been accompanied by Heroes of Warcraft since its launch and players have get used to all kinds of deck based on Warcraft heroes, a new logo sent by Blizzard onto the Hearthstone subreddit might change it all.


The new logo has removed “Heroes of Warcraft” from the subtitle, does it mean a huge change is undergoing? Hearthstone subreddit moderator /u/deviouskat89 explained that Blizzard sent them the new logo asking if it could be changed on the subreddit. So this is a very intentional decision by Blizzard to start referring to the game as just Hearthstone instead of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.


Blizzard won’t change the key words of their Hearthstone IP for no reason, it may have something to do with another famous IP Warcraft. At the peak days of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone has successfully caught players’ eyes with heroes from the MMORPG universe and WoW does help a lot in promotion. But recently WoW is becoming less attractive and Blizzard starts thinking of changing into a new hype. Let’s make a wild guess, if the change is inevitable the new subtitle will highly likely to be Overwatch! Anyway Blizzard has no official announcement on this slight amendment and nothing is leaked at this BlizzCon, stay tuned with us for the latest Hearthstone news!

Source: reddit, blizzpro

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