Rift Starfall Prophecy Gets Off to Rocky Start

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With Rift’s expansion Starfall Prophecy finally out, it has led to a large number of upset players due to things being disabled or just not working properly. It has come out to a fairly rocky start, with some players giving up playing altogether in wait for the next patches to hopefully resolve the ongoing issues.


Disabled Content

One of the big complaints revolves around the fact that a lot of the new content has been temporarily disabled. Minions, for example, are not currently working (and there is no warning on the minion screen, so many feel like theirs have just vanished, without realizing that the system as a whole is currently offline, leading to many questions in chat and complaints across the board). The new Starfall Prophecy dungeons are disabled, but in this case there is a notice that lets players know what is going on. Planar Assault Rifts are yet another addition to the list, currently not online.

All of these are listed right before a message, stating “We hope to have them back up and running in the next hotfix.” While it is not known yet when this hotfix will be going live, it is assumed to be on Thursday, the 17th. It is worth noting, however, that whether or not all of these will be online and fully functional is not certain. As such, there is no true date as to when the new dungeons will be available, or Planar Assault Rifts and minions.


Massive Lag

The most complained about thing within the game is currently lag. This is something players across the board are experiencing, whether they are in one of the older cities, new areas, taking part in instanced dungeons or PvP, etc. If you’re in the game, you will more than likely experience massive lag spikes, as well as sustained high pings (200ms+). For some this has been worse than others, with many being disconnected from their dungeon groups or warfronts, given penalties for abandoning their groups. Many continue to play because it’s an annoyance but if you take it slow you can still make your way through the new levels, but there are also many that have given up due to the semi-unplayable state they are experiencing. In any case, it has made things like warfronts a very interesting place to be, as it alters the ability of all players to effectively play.

This is Uncharacteristic of Rift

There have been a lot of claims that this situation is the “norm” within MMORPGs and other games and that it is something you should get used to if you have played other games. However, this could not be further from the truth. Historically, Rift has been a very solid game when it comes to pushing out updates. There have been delays a few times in the past (with the latest not being on the official patch, but rather on upgrading the public test server to Starfall Prophecy for testing), but in terms of actual issues once they have been rolled out, they have been fairly minimal. For example, maybe a dungeon would be temporarily disabled, there would be a bit of lag, or a new system was just offline, but to have a lot of the latest patch offline (and minions as well, to add to it), it is not the norm for Rift. And hopefully this is something that is only temporary and is not going to continue to be a nuisance, and the future updates will be rolled out more smoothly. In any case, for those that are new to the game or have not been around long, it is safe to assume that this is not what to expect when every update comes out.


What to Do While Waiting for Fixes

If you are able to bear with the lag everyone is currently experiencing, you can still start knocking out quests, exploring the new zones, and working on things like crafts. Dungeons and the new rifts are offline, but in terms of the world as a whole, it is still fairly active (and in some cases hyperactive). As of this writing, there are already multiple players that are nearing level 70 or are already 70, but it is worth noting that there is really no reason to rush. Especially this early in the update, finding others to take part in the end-game content is going to be tough, so staying ahead of the curve has no real value unless you have enough others that are hanging with you to move quickly. And even then, it is entirely possible to see the end-game content disabled at this point for various fixes for things that are not found during the beta testing. In any case, for the most part, the game is still absolutely playable – just keep calm when lag spikes and disconnections happen, and you should be golden. And with any luck, this will all be resolved soon!

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