HeroWarz Trailer - New Character Izanami Coming on Nov. 16th

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Hey MMOsiters~ Izanami, the Goddess of the Underworld is coming in HeroWarz.

Shortly after being drafted into the longstanding war of the Underworld by King Bianchung, Izanami’s father passed away. Her mother was killed by the soldiers who were looking to also draft Izanagi; her only brother. With the help of an illusionist named Garbha, Izanami and her brother Izanagi barely escaped the soldiers. From Garbha, Izanami had learned to master the mystic art of illusion while Izanagi learned the destructive lightning magic.

Herowarz Izanami

After completing her training with Garbha, Izanagi, ever the idealist, joins the demon general Yanluo’s army to help unify the Underworld, and her brother follows suit. When Izanagi was promoted to the position of Lightning General, Izanami is kidnapped, and placed in the deepest parts of the Third World. However, Izanagi thinks that Izanami was killed by Pluto due to a plot by Yanluo (and likely Hermes) and goes crazy.

Herowarz Izanami

Herowarz Izanami

When Izanami finally escapes the Third World to find her brother, he's killed in front of her by Yanluo. Enraged, Izanami kills everyone in sight and, in the process, liberates the underworld. With her true potential realized, Izanami is the first participant of the Dream Architect, Iago’s project that allows traveling to the past through dreaming.

Herowarz Izanami

Not only is HeroWarz launching one of the most anticipated characters (…Ever!), the all new auction house is being launched, a costume recycle system is being added for anyone with some fashionable gear that needs a 2nd chance at turning into even better/sexier gear, a mana pot drop system, and we just might be dropping a little hint about a little thing called PvP.

Herowarz Izanami

Interested gamres can check its official website to get more details.

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